Mission, Vision, Strategic Directions and 值语句


Delaware Technical Community College - Students are at the center of everything we do. We empower students to change their lives through comprehensive educational opportunities and holistic support services that promote equitable outcomes. 作为该州唯一的社区大学, we provide quality education that responds to workforce and community needs, 利用合作伙伴, 加强特拉华州的经济. We embrace the diversity of all individuals by nurturing an inclusive culture that institutionalizes access and equity for student success.


To fulfill the Mission, Delaware Tech will:

  1. Prepare students for transition to employment and/or continued academic opportunities through comprehensive educational offerings.
  2. Cultivate learning, equitable outcomes, and student success through programs and holistic services.
  3. Strengthen programs and services through community eng年龄ment.
  4. Promote an inclusive culture that advances diversity and equity.
  5. Expand and utilize public and private resources to support student success.



Delaware Technical Community College will be:

  • An institution dedicated to providing 创新, 灵活的教学实践, 高影响力参与策略, and holistic services to ensure equity and support student success.
  • An institution that fuels the economic success of the State and well-being of Delawareans through programs that respond to increasingly rigorous and evolving industry requirements and workforce needs.
  • An educational leader in creating and facilitating 创新 pathways that advance career and transfer opportunities for students.
  • An institution that cultivates and lever年龄s industry, 政府, 捐赠, and individual partnerships to advance the College's immediate and long-term priorities.
  • An institution committed to an inclusive and diverse workforce supported and retained through equitable policies, professional development opportunities, and competitive benefits pack年龄s and compensation structures.
  • An institution that effectively harnesses traditional and new media to elevate its reputation for program 卓越, 价值, 找工作的毕业生, 把学生放在第一位.
  • An institution driven by a culture of inquiry and 创新, accessible data analysis to inform decision-making.
  • An institution in which the organizational, 治理, 财政, and technological structures support flexibility and responsiveness to adapt to changing educational and economic environments.


Strategic Directions respond to trends in the external environment that will impact accomplishment of the College mission and vision. The Strategic Directions position the College to successfully address opportunities and obstacles presented by external trends. The Strategic Directions serve as the foundation for developing strategic goals in the College and Campus Plans.

The 2021-2025 Strategic Directions are:

  1. Augment 创新 and flexible program offerings that reflect best practices, 满足劳动力需求, 促进学生的成功.
  2. Strengthen the framework for holistic student supports to expand delivery and outreach to all students.
  3. Institutionalize the 价值s of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Foster employee development and retention.
  5. Invest in technology and facilities to advance flexible, 创新, and secure learning and work opportunities.
  6. Optimize strategic partnerships to respond to economic change, 技术创新, 劳动力需求的变化.

2021-2025 College Strategic Directions Booklet (PDF)


Delaware Technical Community College 价值s the One College philosophy, our collective commitment by all employees to create a consistent student experience throughout the entire College, across all locations - an experience that reflects our proud legacy of providing Delawareans with access, 机会, 卓越, and hope to achieve their dreams through education. We believe that student success is paramount; that open, honest and respectful communication is essential; and that a strong sense of team spirit is the key to "getting it right" for the communities we serve.